It Really is The Small Things


Hi, I’m Dee

I decided to write this post for a few reasons.

The main one, or the reason I finally decided to ‘get on with it’, was because I recently watched a T.V drama called, ‘The C Word’ written by Lisa Lynch.  A very real account of one girl’s experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Of all the admirable things that Lisa wrote, the thing I felt most akin to was the question she posed shortly after her initial diagnosis-

‘Where are all the other women my age who have also been diagnosed with breast cancer, surely I can’t be the only one?’

I too asked the same question after my diagnosis. Endlessly scrolling through the internet, looking for real  accounts, by real people.  The truth is, there are thousands of women out there, but I suspect to write an honest account of something so difficult is no easy feat.

So here’s my nod to that brave girl.  I am here.  I am not anyone special. I am definitely not as funny. I am just a 32 year old girl from Yorkshire, diagnosed with breast cancer – still fighting it, with a young family to look after.

I will do my best with the little confidence I have left remaining, to write a real and honest account of breast cancer.  In my experience so far, it really is the small things that get you through…

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