The Element of Luck – Where it all began


Now the day it all began, was officially ‘D Day’ the day I was diagnosed.

But I think it wouldn’t be a true representation if I didn’t explain a little about the lead up to that day and how it all came to be.  It was the Summer of 2014 and we had accepted an invitation to Alton Towers with some close friends of ours and their children.

A few days following our day trip I felt a sharp pain in my right breast, I put it down to knocking myself on one of the rides and I thought no more about it. I must admit after a week, the pain was still there, so I rationalised in my head that if it was still there in another week I would mention to my doctor. The pain did go away though, and so no need to bother anyone I decided.

A month or so later I noticed I had a small pea- sized lump on my breast.  Again, it bothered me enough to mention it to my husband, but he said, and rightly so, that I had pretty lumpy boobs. You see, I had breast fed two babies at this point and my boobs were quite frankly buggered. That, and with all the advice they give you about breast feeding babies helping to reduce the occurrence of breast cancer, I decided to keep an eye on it in case the lump changed.  Again though, I tried to try to keep the lingering anxiety in check – after all I was still young?

Then it happened, the rare occurrence of closeness between two people who have two young children – and just a fleeting comment from my husband.  He had noticed it too, and it had changed shape, not by much – pea sized to kidney bean shaped. ‘Best get that looked at’ he said in passing, and that was it…

The thoughts lingered, enough to prompt a visit to the doctors to check it out. Even then, it felt silly and irrational, slightly embarrassing too but I decided firmly in my head that it was better to have someone tell you everything was alright than to make a mistake that could cost you everything.

The element of luck – was that I listened to my husband that day, that I ignored any embarrassment that I may have felt, and most importantly that I made the trip to the doctors straight after the ‘school run’ instead of rushing to work that day… the rest as they say is history.

2 thoughts on “The Element of Luck – Where it all began

  1. I have just read all of your blogs through tears. You really are an inspiration.Your bright, beautiful and a fantastic mum! You’ve got balls and you’ll get through this…love you loads xxx

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