Tea and Ice-cream

I have read many things over the last few months, but these are the things that I have found to be true.

Cancer patients don’t sleep.

Heat heals. Warmth distracts from pain & relaxes. Hot water bottles, baths, fleece blankets, sunshine or warm drinks.


Chemo makes you too tired to even tolerate lying down.

The surprising reactions from people. Good and bad. From the upfront bold questions that hit you like someone has just slapped your face. To the positive & lovely who don’t want you to give up.

The constant kindness of people – those who have listened. Those who consistently check how things are and genuinely care about the answer.

The tears that don’t seem to end, sometimes good sometimes bad. Just the sheer overwhelming, ongoing feelings of ‘fighting’ something that cannot be fought – whilst willing yourself to enjoy every tiny moment possible.

Fresh air and exercise does help. Cold makes you feel alive. Sun shine makes you feel alive. Water makes you feel alive.

Children are amazing. Constant energy, constant enthusiasm, and a constant spectrum of raw emotions from wide smiles to full blown tantrums. Better than any medicine without a doubt.

It is important to have greater understanding and more tolerance of others. Their lives, their illnesses, their troubles or bravery.

Illness, whatever it may be, makes you take a long hard look at yourself. There’s nowhere to hide.

Tea and Ice-cream (and wine when you’re allowed) solve everything.

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