A Little Bit of What You Fancy Does You Good – food for thought


Another thing there seems to be a taboo on, is talking about all the natural remedies that can be used to keep the body healthy.

Now I am not a health obsessed person.  I like chocolate and wine, I don’t exercise as much as I should sometimes, and I like the odd take-away.

I do think however, that there is something in the premise that there are certain natural properties in food & drink which help your body to fight cancerous cells – or at the very least maintain a ‘status quo’.

So here are a few things that could help to keep you fit and healthy and maybe even help fight the ‘C Word’…

[Good for the body]

Green tea, horribly tasting stuff that I could never understand why anyone would want to voluntarily drink. BUT it is used by the majority of the Eastern world on a daily basis, where there seems to be a much lower occurrence of certain types of cancer.

Just a coincidence? Probably not.

I have found that flavoured green tea – lemon, cranberry even pineapple actually taste quite nice and one cup a day isn’t going to kill me.  It is also quite a nice change to have the odd herbal tea in place of the everyday cuppa believe it or not.

Lemon (& bicarbonate of soda) or so they say.  Again in my humble opinion water and lemon juice are refreshing, and apparently create a situation within your body that cancer cells do not like.

Something so simple is also renowned for helping with other annoying issues such as bloating, nausea or general irritation.

Tumeric – is a very clever spice.  Also well known especially in Eastern countries for having an anti-cancer properties.

This must be the most ancient healing method, and although not official (it kind of is) or it wouldn’t be all over the official cancer charity websites..

AND it has had clinial trials AND it can be added to pretty much anything especially amazing Indian food so it’s a ‘win win’ really.


Honey – a super healing food containing properties that are known to kill cancerous cells.  This poses me a small issue, in that I have never really liked the taste of honey – but maybe if I buy some really expensive stuff it will be a bit like buying really expensive champagne?!

Exercise – helps to control hormone levels, gets your blood pumping and let’s face it makes you feel good.

Whether it be running round after your kids in a park, swimming, dancing to the radio in the kitchen or just getting out for some fresh air, exercise is a good move.

[Good for the soul]

A Cup of Tea – just makes you smile especially when accompanied with a biscuit, and even better a chat.

Tea and Hope

Super Berries – blueberries, strawberries, blackberries contain antioxidants that protect the body from cell damage AND they taste great in smoothies or yoghurt and ice cream.

Leafy Greens – well greens just make everything better, they add colour and texture to most comfort foods – they make roast dinners better, and salads are perfect with pizza, pasta and at BBQs AND kale is actually quite nice.

Ice cream – I may have mentioned this one once or twice…

– whether it be posh Cornish, expensive movie type tubs (named by a certain Ben & Jerry) or just 80’s style plain soft scoop raspberry ripple.

If you don’t feel good, if you feel down or even if you are going through treatment for an illness, ice cream just helps – IT JUST DOES.

One thought on “A Little Bit of What You Fancy Does You Good – food for thought

  1. Love this advice, I’m sure you are helping more people than you will ever know. I hope you will have time to keep up your blog…..it makes such a great read. Sending you all big warm hugs from Portugal xxx


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