The Bucket List – A Work In Progress


It was suggested to me recently by a dear friend to write a bucket list.

At first I recoiled at the thought of writing a list of things with an aim of achieving them before I die.  But then I realised that it is time to start flipping things on their head.  We are all going to die eventually (a life certainty) so a list of things to ‘look forward’ to would be a good thing to have.

So what is a Bucket List?

– a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have done or accomplished during their lifetime.

No time for procrastination anymore – live life for the now – no regrets – no ‘what ifs’.

[The List]

1. Travel to India – since the day I made a paper mache version of the Taj Mahal aged 7 years this has been my dream, to travel to India.  Time to figure out how to make this one a reality (26 years of putting this off is simply not good enough)

2. Disneyland – I admit visiting Disneyland is not a personal ambition(!) but I do love everything Disney especially the old school movies like Mary Poppins etc.  The thought of taking a family trip and making my children’s dreams come true would be perfect.

3. Write a book – I had completely forgotten about this one.  Funny how you forget the ambitions you had as a child (I used to want to be a children’s book author).  Even if I write this for my children to read when they are older, I think this would be a nice legacy to leave behind.

4. Visit Germany – an Australian friend once took out a ‘pop up’ map of Europe and showed me all the places she wanted to visit.  I realised that there are many countries in Europe that we take for granted because they are right on our doorstep, but not necessarily ‘holiday destinations’.  Germany is steeped in history and I would love to learn more about the heritage of the country.  (I feel a long weekend with the my husband coming on).

5. See John Legend – one of the genuine musical talents of our generation.  Our first dance song at our wedding many moons ago was one of his songs ‘Stay with Me’.  My husband surprised me this year with tickets to go a see him live, something we’ve both been meaning to do for 8 years now.

6. Visit Italy more often.  The destination of our honeymoon (Sorrento) where we originally fell in love with this beautiful country.  Stunning landscapes, food, tradition and people. Re- visited Penne for our friend’s wedding last year & vowed to take the children upon our next visit.

7. Dine at Michelin Star restaurant.  I love food, always have, and the idea of eating somewhere that the food ‘blows your mind’ really appeals to me.  This one is booked in already for September – Restaurant Gordon Ramsey in Chelsea had better live up to high expectations.


8. Ride horses on a beach – absolutely no idea how to bring this one to fruition but it has been a childhood dream ever since I can remember!

9. Learn more about Art – visit a new gallery & learn more about the artists I have always loved.  Monet & Esher are particular favourites of mine and I realised that it has been nearly two years since I last visited a gallery (although it was the Tate so a pretty good one).

10. Do one thing each day for myself. Not really an aspiration, but as a mother I run around all day long doing things for others &  it’s time to do more things for me I think.

So there you have it, things to get booking, organising and most importantly experiencing – things to get on a just ‘do’.

No more putting things off, because if time runs out I don’t want to have any regrets about my life.


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