Somewhere Over a Rainbow

Recently my children have discovered musicals, and I just love this.

Both of my sister’s girls adore the musical Annie and they know the original film word perfect.  So much so, that my second niece was almost named Annie, and she would have suited the name down to a tee I think – as she is bright as a button.

In our house though, the old favourites have always been Mary Poppins and The Wizard of Oz.  I love that these films feature some of the all time greats such as Dick Van Dyke and Judy Garland, real actors telling a real story of adventure and mystery.

We have only just recorded Annie and so the children are studiously learning the words to the songs (the music is on repeat).  I watch them performing ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’ in amusement as they make up their own words to the songs and dancing around laughing in glee – and then it suddenly occurs to me that they will probably never really know what it means to live a ‘hard knock life’.

There are some instances in the news at the moment that make you realise how lucky we all are to live in a country without being in constant fear for our lives and that of our loved ones.

Whilst I have been busy worrying about creating lovely memories for my children just lately (in case the worst should happen), there are some mothers who are worrying about being able to provide food for their children, or whether they will even make it to shore alive.

I have been starkly reminded as to how fortunate am I to be able to provide for my children, to buy them lovely things and even to be privileged enough to tuck them into bed each night knowing that they are safe and sound.

Therein lies another life lesson that I have realised I would like to pass on to them both if I can.  It is very important to me that I teach them how lucky they are, and that there are people in the world less fortunate than themselves.  As I say all of this I can almost feel myself turning into my own mother, when she used to remind us that ‘there are children in the world who don’t have any food’ (and so to finish that dinner) and whilst this is all very true – perhaps what I mean is something more simple than this.

just the idea of giving to others

Admittedly, this will probably take some work as my daughter noticed a bag of old teddies recently (destined for the charity shop) and promptly straddled it exclaiming that she did not want to help ‘the other children’.  However, I am sure that when she realises one day that one of her unloved toys might make a real difference to someone else’s life she will change her mind..

As children they just love music, pretty much in any shape or form.  Often when we are driving to school and nursery I try to hum or sing along to a song that I know we all like in the hope that they will join in too.  I know that I will most likely be told to ‘be quiet’, but then I just smile to myself as I listen to them sing along to themselves for the rest of the journey.

I would like to think that they will always have music to go to – especially in difficult times, and especially if I am not around.

Music gives you a lift, it cheers you up, it reminds you of certain times of your life. Sometimes it makes you smile and sometimes it makes you cry, but it is laced with memories and that is something special to be enjoyed.

This lines up perfectly for a new chapter in our lives that I have been looking forward to.  I really want to start taking the children to the theatre and I think musical versions of plays are perhaps the best way to introduce them to live performing.  We are not rich by any means and so it will not be a regular occurrence, more likely a treat or a special occasion.

But an evening spent as a family, enjoying something different will be a little bit special I would like to think.

2 thoughts on “Somewhere Over a Rainbow

  1. What a lovely post! It really does make you realise just how lucky we are, to live in a country with relative safety and security. It makes me sad though to see the view some people have on refugees and it really is refreshing to see your view on it.

    A trip to the theatre sounds amazing! I love going to theatre myself and I love a good musical! I’m sure your kids would love it!


  2. Truly humbled reading this. Incredible that after everything you’ve been through you are able to see the positives in your life and to empathise with those who also face adversity. It really is testament to what a special person you are. Very proud to be able to say that, in spite of the fact that we’ve not been in touch for years, you’re one of my oldest friends. And Detrice, don’t worry about turning into your mother, she’s one of the very best people I’ve ever known.


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