A Very Special Birthday Party – for a very special girl

RRDD01My little girl has been wishing for a birthday party for a whole year.  A whole year is a long time when you are three years old.

Her brother has had parties that she has enjoyed.  On his 5th birthday she was allowed to invite one friend… she took me literally at my word and invited one of a set of twins (much to my embarrassment!).

She has gate-crashed many a ‘Do’, sometimes wearing her famous Snow-White dress and always patiently waiting at the side of the party table whilst others enjoyed their party food.  Always singing along with the chorus of happy birthday, joining in all of the dancing & games and all the while hoping for the coveted party bag at the end (sometimes not getting one, which inevitably ends in tears).


We have had one hell of a year.  One hell of a year.

As a family we have been stretched to our very limits.  Illness has affected us all in ways that I never thought that it would.  It is still evident in our daily lives, as ‘everyday’ things have become that little bit harder.  The weekly supermarket trips are now few and far between (mainly because I cannot face the whole experience) but, you can be sure that upon every single trip my little girl will insist at stopping in the cake section.  She then explains to me in great detail that when she is 4 she would LOVE a Frozen cake and when she is 5 she would LOVE a Minnie Mouse cake.

What she really means is that she cannot wait to be a big girl.  She cannot wait to turn four and join in all of the things that she has watched her brother do over the last few years.

To her growing up and being ‘a big girl’ is a badge of pride to be worn oh so proudly.  No matter how much I wish that time would stand still as her mummy and that she would just stop growing – she is wishing the exact opposite.  I have accepted that she is indeed growing up and that she is becoming a lovely little lady as a result.  She is getting taller, more intelligent and she just loves life and I am privileged as her mother to be able to witness her change from ‘our baby’ into ‘our little girl’.

So I have decided that this is her year.  


This is the year that she will have her very own birthday party.  My eldest niece loves that my daughter’s birthday falls on Halloween (what a great excuse for a party) and so the theme of fancy dress will be an easy choice.  It is not going to be anything flash or fancy – a church hall, a children’s DJ, cake and PARTY BAGs.  I want her to smile from ear to ear, and to be able to dance, play games, twirl around and more than anything watch her sit in sheer delight whilst everyone else sings happy birthday just to her.  Just this once.

It might seem silly to other people.  She might seem too young.  She may not even remember, but there is a chance – just a chance, that she will.

If she does remember I want her to remember the best, most anticipated day that she has ever dreamed of, because whilst I am still here I will do my utmost to make all of her wishes and dreams come true.

So it has come to be that there are ‘no more sleeps’ and she is finally ‘a big girl’.

She has duly measured herself against the kitchen wall and she is indeed that little bit taller, much to her delight.  She has shrugged off the classic princess dresses (which I am quietly pleased about), and the witch costume that we had previously bought especially for the day – instead opting for her dinosaur outfit, full on head, tail and huge dinosaur feet and I just love her for that.

Individual, headstrong, beautiful and perfect in everyway.

Our big girl.

*picture courtesy of Rosie & Radish http://www.rosieandradish.com

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