Little Best Friend – forever moments


The very best moments I ever had with you..

The day they laid you on me I’m sure you could hear my heartbeat.

The night you wouldn’t sleep, sat up in our bed learning ‘paper, scissor stones’.

Your first taste of chocolate – a giant golden Easter egg, your face was priceless.

The times that you ask me to stroke your back when you’re sleepy.

Sitting on a park bench sharing sandwiches.

Your excitement at seeing a rainbow – followed by a chorus of the song.

A fleeting glance to check, is it ok to jump in puddles?

Yes always.

The absolute silence when you realised you could eat the chocolate coins in your Christmas house.

Flying a kite at the seaside.

Jumping up and down on your bed after bath time.

The day you walked into big school all on your own.

Your uncontrollable giggles when you realised you were ticklish.

When you exclaim you are playing your ‘unicorn’ (recorder) oh so proudly.

The night you read How To Catch A Star, all the way through to me, all on your own.

The day you drew a picture and wrote my name on it.

The tears in your eyes as you try to battle the nerves in your tummy.

You can do it, I know you can & I am proud of you.




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