The Imperfect Sunday


Today was a beautiful, glorious sunny day.  Apparently the beginning of springtime, and it really did feel like it.  We opened all the windows to air the house and the drying laundry made everything smell fresh and ‘homey’.

It was one of those lazy Sunday mornings.  The one where everyone stays in their pyjamas for as long as they can.  The type of morning where everyone gets their own way, because a nice harmonious morning is as valuable as the sunshine outside.

I ask your sister what she would like for breakfast and she can’t decide, so I make the suggestion of pancakes and her little face lights up.  As we make the pancake mixture in the kitchen, the sound of ‘Match of the Day’ plays on in the living room as you enjoy your favourite programme.

It is funny how the sunshine puts everyone in a slightly better mood.

In the kitchen the background radio plays as I get on with finding a frying pan. Your sister lays the table with all of her favourite things (sugar & syrup) and you both delight in calling through for more and more as I make the endless batches.


Once it is all done I busy myself washing up & sorting laundry much to your disgust.  I turn up the radio & make myself a cup of tea – eating the leftover pancakes that nobody wanted.

You play together but you really want me to join in and I don’t on this occasion because, as I try to explain, the jobs don’t do themselves. Obviously this makes me ‘mean mummy’ but a balance has to be struck sometimes I think.

We all get dressed eventually and I decide that it would be nice to venture out to the shops.  You have money from the tooth fairy to spend and so on the promise of ‘good behaviour’ (not fighting or shouting in said shops) we happily mosey around.  At first you are helpful carrying storage boxes to the car and walking sensibly in the car park, but then the chaos begins to descend as we attempt the second shop. We spent the tooth fairy money on some football cards that you had been hoping for, and I find a nice gift for a friend’s birthday.

You are both happy today and I am trying not to dampen your enthusiasm, but sometimes you wind each other up so much that you forget to listen when I am warning you to calm down.  We visit our friend’s house to deliver the present, and soon leave as you both turn up the volume so loud that I cannot concentrate on what I am saying.  The last thing in my locker is a plan to take you down to the park and afterwards pop in to visit my grandparents.

Surely this is all just pent up energy?

I decide that what you really need is some fresh air and sunshine.  The park is busy because it is one of the nicest around.  You delight in running, climbing and playing hide and seek.  We stay for a really long time until the sunshine disappears and the grey clouds come over.  Clutching your bread to feed the ducks and swans we walk down the riverside & you practise how far you can throw.

After a short stop at grandmas you are spoilt with biscuits and treats, we chat away and you play make believe shops together.  Eventually as I am talking the noise level creeps up and up, and before I know it you are both fighting on the floor again.  Recognising quickly how things are beginning to pan out we say our goodbyes after some stern words.  Once in the car I explain why I am upset with you both but you don’t seem to listen.

Sometimes as a mum it takes a really deep breath to remain calm and not completely lose it, especially after you have tried your hardest all day to make things nice.

We had a lovely day, all in all, and eventually you both said that you are sorry.

Once home you have an early bath while I start on dinner – it was daddy’s turn to take over.  We all sat round to a lovely roast after and hour or so of cooking, and you both tell daddy all about your day.  You decided all on your own that tomorrow you would wake up early and make me a sorry card.  I am so glad you realise that your behaviour is the thing that has upset me and when you suggest this as a way to ‘make a mends’, it honestly makes my heart melt.  It shows that you do know right from wrong and so it seems that we are doing a good job in bringing you both up.

Tomorrow is a new day for us all, slate wiped clean.

I love you.



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