A Dream Come True

If you knew Noah Geoffrey Matthews like I know Noah Geoffrey Matthews then you would know that he is very special indeed.

Of course I would say that as his mummy, but I truly believe that there is something special inside of this little boy.  A little sparkle inside of him that you sometimes catch a glimpse of in his smile.

I never knew how he would be when he made his arrival into the world, six years ago to the day in fact.  He was such a tiny little thing, only 5lbs 11oz with a full head of hair and giant blue eyes.

If you knew Noah Geoffrey Matthews like I know Noah Geoffrey Matthews you would be very lucky indeed.

He is shy, yet outgoing.  He is sensitive, yet bold.  He is easygoing, yet passionate about the things that he loves.  All of these things make him very difficult to parent because in an instant he can switch from one to the other.

He likes everything in its place.  He likes to know what is coming next.  Surprises or an upset in routine only serve to worry him because something inside him means that he needs to know.

So just recently we wondered what to get this little boy for his 6th birthday to make all of his dreams come true?

He never asks for much a football kit or some football stickers.. the theme invariably follows a football theme.  His daddy and his uncles decided to try to get him tickets to see his favourite team play.  Not just any team but Liverpool FC at their home stadium, Anfield.

If you knew Noah Geoffrey Matthews, he would tell you that Liverpool are the best team in the world.  His eyes would light up as he told you this and that about each match and who they are to play next.

Even at his young age they have made him cheer and sing and laugh and cry – he truly loves the team that he supports just like his daddy.  Every night he asks for a made up story, and most evenings I hear his dad tell him a tale of a little boy who went to Anfield road to watch his favourite players – sometimes he even plays with them too and scores the winning goal.

And so, on the morning of his birthday he opened a small pile of presents and finally opened a very special birthday card with a special note in it.

Dear Noah,

On Sunday you will be going to watch Liverpool vs Stoke at Anfield..

lots of love,

Daddy & Mummy xxx

The look of delight on his face and the disbelief was worth every single penny.  You can’t buy happiness (although these tickets did cost a lot of money) but the experience and the memories will stay with him forever, and that in itself is priceless.


In a way I wish that I was going along too – just to see the look on his little face and experience it all with him.  I wish I could hold his hand and feel the nerves and excitement as the noise of the stadium hit him.

This experience is an important ‘father son’ moment though, and even I can see that.  My husband has loved that club since he was a little boy and it is only right that they should go together.  It’s almost like a rite of passage in a way.

As a mum it is such a privilege to watch your children grow up and have things that they truly love to do.  Of course Noah loves other things too.  He loves numbers and counting, he loves eating, and above all he loves his family.

He told me the other day that when he grows up he never wants to leave home and he wants to live with us forever.  I am sure he will change his tune as he grows older, but for now it is nice to see how much of a ‘home-bird’ he is.

If you knew Noah Geoffrey Matthews like I know Noah Geoffrey Matthews, you would know that he has a heart of gold and this will always be so I am sure.

I know that we should have called him Stanley as we intended to, after the great footballing legend Stanley Matthews and then the visit to Anfield would be all the more fitting (my husband wouldn’t let me).

Happy Birthday Noah Geoffrey (Stanley) Matthews. The boy who changed my life forever with his cheeky smile and kind heart.





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