The Alphabet Memories


Magic Book

We all take life for granted a little.

Sometimes it happens by accident, the whirlwind of day to day hustle and bustle.

Sometimes it takes a jolt to make you stop and cherish the small things.

Almost a year ago it dawned on me that I may not see my children grow up. I did not worry for myself, I worried for my children. How could I possibly arm them with the things that they would need to be strong and lead happy lives?

Then one day I realised. The answers were right there in front of me. The creation of memories of course.  Memories are so precious and unique that even in the darkest of times, a memory of a loved one can make you smile.

A memory can be very big, or very small.  Sometimes it can be the things that you have shared, or the music you have listened to, or even that of a story being told.  All of these things can mean the whole world when you are apart from a loved one.  Every parent wants to remember the precious times. Every parent wants their children to be the happiest they can possibly be.

‘Reach for the stars my darling, and you might very well touch them’

From the very beginning, when your little one is just a sparkle in your eye – you read to them, you sing to them, all the while hoping those special times will be bottled up and treasured, and perhaps, just perhaps, one day those special times will turn into the most precious of memories.

I have discovered the way to ‘bottle’ the magic, and I am happy to share it.  It is so much more than a photo, or a book. It does not cost a penny and yet it will be the best thing that you ever give to your child should you choose to accept.

The Alphabet Memories last forever, they will never fade, they will never be forgotten, and the best thing of all is that they are unique.

Never to be copied or spoilt. All of the magic is created by you and stored safely in the imagination and dreams of your child – to hold onto and last forever.

It is possible to create a dream, all you need is a little bit of magic…


I suggested this once to my husband and he was not keen, but now after a little bit of practise he loves it, and so do the children.

You take the letter of the alphabet as the idea for your story, and then you let their imagination take over.

Anyone can do it – sometimes it is lovely to have your child as the main character, or their favourite toy, sometimes is can be something they have never heard of or even a ‘made up’ thing.

Simply take a letter of the alphabet.

Add a hero.

Mix in some magic.

Create a story.

Your story.



 The Alphabet Memories are dedicated to Noah, Isla and Lois for all your bedtimes, sweet dreams my darlings xxx

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